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Northstar & Portland Parks Summer Concert Series 2019

August 2019*Washington Park Summer Concert Series FB Albums:
Album 1: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Northstar-Painted-Sky-1634868316838243/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2413131989011868
Album 2: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Northstar-Painted-Sky-1634868316838243/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2416369805354753

Painted Sky*Northstar*Evening Star Painted Ponies*Holiday 2018 Album

Keep up with > Painted Sky > Northstar > Evening Star Painted Ponies ON:
Facebook (includes Holiday Album): Northstar Painted Sky
Twitter: Northstar Dance Company
Bookings > Please click on Booking Inquiries


Community or Corporate Events*Arts in the Schools Presentations Inquiries.
Booking & General > INQUIRIES
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Contact Number/Message for Bookings/Inquiry 503.887.0671

Please call 503.887.0671 for Message/Bookings/Inquiries*OR*Message on FACEBOOK >
FB Link is Painted Sky Northstar Facebook*Please leave a name and return call number or
email to return answers on your request/inquiry. Thank you for your patience while dressing
up website~

Website under Construction*Inquiry/Facebook MESSAGE

Sorry for the inconvenience on Inquiry Pages, please know Painted Sky*
Northstar can also be reached for Inquiries/Bookings through Message to
Painted Sky Northstar on Facebook at this LINK: Painted Sky*Northstar FB/Message
while Website under Construction~ Marse/Thank you and look forward to

Painted Sky Northstar*Evening Star Painted Pony VIDEO TWO

Painted Sky Northstar*Evening Star Painted Pony Video TWO*Click on Link
Evening Star Painted Pony TWO
Painted Pony Program LAUNCH*TBA*Events, Native Arts in Schools, Parades
Please use inquiry page for questions/booking inquiries~

Painted Sky "Evening Star Painted Pony Video"

2018*Painted Sky Northstar "Evening Star Painted Pony Video"
Link: Painted Pony Video Link

Painted Pony Spotlights on Site Available*Please use Inquiry Page

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