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Instructor: Angie Sorrelhorse

Garden Home Recreation in the Gym
Thursday evenings at 7 PM

My name is Angelina (Angie) Sorrelhorse

My Indian name is Ho-tah-sah name was given to me by my Grandmother on the Wasco side. I'm Warm Springs/Wasco/Yakama/Spokane/Colville. I'm a member of the Cofederated Tribes of Warm Springs and moved to Portland to pursue an education and been here since.

I'm a traditional dancer, but I also enjoy jingle dancing. I love teaching our youth the many styles of dancing (traditional, jingle and Fancy shawl). I also think it is important to teach our youth to respect their regalia and themselves.

I also love being a Mom, Grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I love hanging out with family and friends. "I Love my Family" I think it's very important to spend quality time with the people you love.

I’m married to the most wonderful man, Lee Sorrelhorse. He is a wonderful Husband, Father and Grandfather, friend, uncle, brother, and many more positive roles. He is a good hearted, strong, caring, giving, loving and honorable man. I’m so blessed to be his wife.

Together we have 9 children and 15 grandchildren. Believe it or not they all actually get along. (At least 90% of the time).

I'm looking forward to dancing with you.

Angie Sorrelhorse "Inspired and Motivated!"

When you don't have what you want, want what you have!


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